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    This FAQs section includes the frequently asked questions about our company and our products.

    1. I find your website through internet. How can I trust you to do business with you?
    We’re glad that you find a good and reliable supplier in China. The best way to build trust quickly is by contacting us. Ask us professional questions on our products. You know only professionals can answer these questions. We also have different certificates issued by authoritative third parties.

    2. What products do you manufacture?
    We specialize in manufacturing air sander, air agitator, air operated double diaphragm pump and mechanical parts for heat exchange tube bender, tube expander. For other products, we have strong connection with factory and are capable to supply you quality products with advantage prices.

    3. Do you have in-stock or do you make each product upon order?
    Most products are made according to orders. We’re an order-oriented supplier. When we’re not busy, we’ll make some standard products to ensure quick delivery.

    4. Delivery time is important for me. What’s your delivery time?
    Generally speaking, the delivery time is between 15 to 30 days for regular products. For first order, the delivery time is may as long as 30 to 45 days. We need time to confirm packaging and other details. Anyway, it all depends how busy we are when you put the order. We can overwork to finish your order if you have special requirements on delivery time.

    5. Some companies provide free samples. Does Collwin have such service?
    We offer free samples for value below USD20.00. The shipping cost is at buyers expense. We believe business is build upon mutual effort to reach win win position. Samples would be prepared carefully according to your demand.

    6. The air coupler in our country is different from that in China. How can we use your air tools in our country?
    The air coupler in China is nitto type. Most countries in Asia and Oceania use this standard. Most European countries use Euro type. North America use USA type. We can tailor-make your air coupler according to your demand.

    7. Do you have drawings for me to refer to before putting the orders?
    Before you decide to buy our products, you’ll get a detailed quote including drawings, photos, technical specifications or videos from our sales consultant.

    8. What is your payment term?
    Generally, we take 30% of total amount as down payment, which should be wired by T/T. The 70% balance will be paid by T/T after you inspect your goods before shipment.
    We also accept letter of credit although it takes more expenses. But our bank should confirm your opening bank’s credit first.
    For sample order, we could accept payment by Paypal or Western Union.

    9. I’m too busy to come to inspect my order, can the quality be guaranteed too?
    We’ll test every product before shipment to ensure it works well whether you come to inspect it or not. It will not be shipped if it has any problem. So you don’t need to worry about the quality. Actually some customers haven’t come to our factory yet although they had placed several orders from us.

    10. What is your warranty for the products?
    We offer 6-12 months limited warranty for most products except for wearing parts. Products should be used correctly and make maintenance regularly. We know even BMW could be ruined at once if not drive carefully.

    11. Do you have a discount for returning customers?
    We respect every customer as the same and devote ourselves to provide them with quality mixer machines and best price. Anyway, we usually give returning customers a small discount for their continuous support for our company.

    12. I also need other products which are not listed on this website. Can you buy such products for us?
    We have some friends and partners who make other tools and machinery such as electrical tools etc. We can buy the related machines for you upon your request. But we recommend you contact them directly for professional support.

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