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    ?Flap Discs?are engineered for stock removal, blending and finishing all in one application. It combine grinding and sanding into a one-step operation,eliminating the use of conventional grinding wheels and sanding or firber discs in many application.

    ?Flap Discs??grind like a depressed center wheel and finish like a fiber discs which is helping you reduce process time and lower your totoal grinding cost, easy to use.


    ●No vibration

    ●No loading

    ●Low noise (quiuter than grinding disc)

    ●Cool and fast cutting, with less loading

    ●Very high stock removal

    ●Long Life (Rigo’s measured in hours)


    ●Increased G-ratio ( “G”ratio is the amount of materials grams removed?per gram of abrasive cloth lost during test
    ●Rough grinding and fine finishing in one operation
    ●No backing pad required
    ●Constant finish
    ●Easy to store and handle
    ●Less operator fatigue (the lighter pressures required for operation result in?increased machine life and productivity)
    ●Reduces disc change down time
    ●Decreased risk of burning
    ●Using on a wide variety of materials
    ●Using on a wide variety of shapes and surfaces

    Grit? Recommendation

    ??????Grit??????????????Suitable for
    36-40????????? Rough?grinding,finishing

    60-80????????? Final grinding

    100-120????? Smooth grinding

    Disc Style

    ??????????Depending on grinding angle and surface to be ground, Flap Discs are available in two styles:

    ?Type 27 (Flat)?Has a flat surface and can achieve maximum efficiency when applied at work angles of 0-15 degrees. These discs are most suitable for grinding flat surfaces.

    Type 29 (Conical)? ? ?Has a slightly conical surface, for grinding at 15-25 degree angles. These discs are most suitable for grinding contoured surfaces.

    ?Abrasive Flap Density

    ??????????Standard Density

    Excellent for heavy-duty applications and rapid stock removal

    ? ? ???High Density

    ? ?Ideal when working on uneven or curved surface, as well as finer grit blending

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